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Marijuana farmer in Washington to hold largest pot auction in U.S. history

Randy Williams of Fireweed Farm in Prosser, Washington is auctioning off the largest crop of legally grown marijuana in U.S. history!

Biggest marijuana auction in U.S. history

Saturday is the day, Washington retailers have been waiting for. Farmers have been working their crops all spring and summer and now its time to go to market and sell!

Marijuana retailers have been fighting low supply which has led to higher prices for high quality marijuana. The outdoor harvest has the potential to drive down prices by drastically increasing supply for retail shelves.

Grown outdoors, marijuana is much more susceptible to damage from pests and wind but the harvest can be much larger and more cost efficient due not having to pay for the electricity or cost of buying grow lights.

While store owners in colorado often grow most of their own marijuana, Washington’s law separates growers, processors and retailers.

USA TODAY estimates the price for this crop could reach 6 million dollars.

Want to sign up? Check out the Fireweed Farms website for more information



Florida Medical Marijuana Amendment 2 Fails, Will Florida Patients leave?

Set up to fail.

Waking up this morning and realizing that the fight for Florida Medical Marijuana must and will go on, it was difficult to think about those out there, in need,  who just don’t have the luxury of being in a holding pattern for another 2 years in hopes of a Chance at receiving the Medication they Need.

How people can have so little compassion,  and a real understanding of Medical Marijuana. I’ve heard all of the ADs from anti marijuana groups on tv. to the
uninformed, it may sound like they are authoritative in their claims. Anybody who has either listened to scienece and research about the benefits of medical marijuana, or who has actually seen the change in a family member after being taken off heavy narcotics like oxycontin and morphine, knows the truth.

Moving out of Florida in search of Medical Marijuana

Many people will need to make a decisions now. This may be one of the toughest yet most important decisions they may ever make. Leave Florida, uproot their family and leave their friends in the search for the medicine they need in order to improve their quality of life? Wait 2 years for another chance? Can We wait another 2 + years? those are real questions ive heard and its sad that people have to go through with that.

Veterans, Mothers, Neighbors, Co-workers, Nieces, Friends,  What will you be doing? Can you move in order to get the care you deserve? have you already started looking for a job in a more Medical Marijuana friendly state? Sometimes the best decisions we make in life, are the hardest.